In recent years many school districts have had to restructure their arts curriculums to meet the growing emphasis on standards that is central to most school reform. This unique collection is meant to assist educators, policymakers, grantmakers and other stakeholders by focusing on the potential benefits of arts education for students and communities alike, and providing examples of creative ways school districts are handling their constraints.

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Turnaround Arts Initiative Final Evaluation Report

January 1, 2015

This final evaluation report provides a description and analysis of program impacts in the pilot cohort of Turnaround Arts schools at the end of their second year, including summaries of: 1) the theory of action and program pillars, 2) the evaluation design and research questions, 3) program operation and implementation in the arts, and 4) outcomes and trends in school reform indicators and student achievement data.

Classroom Examples; Student Outcomes

Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America's Future Through Creative Schools

May 6, 2011

Calls for advancing arts education as part of a comprehensive K-12 curriculum and details recommendations, including building collaborations among various approaches, developing the arts integration field, and expanding teaching opportunities for artists.

Program Models

Gaining the Arts Advantage: More Lessons from School Districts that Value Arts Education

December 1, 2000

A report from an October 2000 meeting in which 32 school districts from 19 states discussed the current status of arts education in their districts. These districts were profiled in AEP's 1999 report, Gaining the Arts Advantage: Lessons from School Districts that Value Arts Education.

Classroom Examples