In recent years many school districts have had to restructure their arts curriculums to meet the growing emphasis on standards that is central to most school reform. This unique collection is meant to assist educators, policymakers, grantmakers and other stakeholders by focusing on the potential benefits of arts education for students and communities alike, and providing examples of creative ways school districts are handling their constraints.

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State Arts Policy: Trends and Future Prospects

November 17, 2008

Examines how some state arts agencies are expanding their mission, strengthening their ties with state government, and utilizing policy tools beyond grantmaking. Outlines possible changes to the distribution of state arts resources and other implications.

Funding Trends; Program Models

An Unfinished Canvas: A Review of Large-Scale Assessment in K-12 Arts Education

September 16, 2008

Reviews the status of and current practices in statewide standards-based arts assessment for K-12 education accountability. Examines the approaches and criteria of several models of large-scale arts assessment and five states' assessment programs.

Program Models; Student Outcomes

An Unfinished Canvas: Arts Education in California: Taking Stock of Policies and Practices

March 31, 2007

Provides an overview of K-12 arts education, including course offerings; availability of teachers, facilities, and materials; standards alignment, assessment, and accountability practices; and equal access. Discusses barriers and recommendations.

Program Models