In recent years many school districts have had to restructure their arts curriculums to meet the growing emphasis on standards that is central to most school reform. This unique collection is meant to assist educators, policymakers, grantmakers and other stakeholders by focusing on the potential benefits of arts education for students and communities alike, and providing examples of creative ways school districts are handling their constraints.

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Blueprints: Bringing Poetry Into Communities

January 31, 2011

Collects poets' essays on the need to bring poetry into communities through readings, festivals, and other projects and their experiences doing so; the impact of poetry on ideas of community; and models of programs. Offers a poetry programming toolkit.

Community Outcomes

The Qualities of Quality: Understanding Excellence in Arts Education

June 30, 2009

Based on interviews, site visits, and a literature review, examines how excellence in arts education is defined, how it is measured, and how decisions at all levels affect program quality. Offers tools to help decision makers reflect on and align goals.

Classroom Examples; Program Models; Student Outcomes

Partnering Arts Education: A Working Model

January 1, 2005

Describes the formation of partnerships between classroom teachers and artists, and highlights the importance of building successful residencies in schools. Includes concrete steps, using the ArtsConnection model.

Program Models

Artists Residencies: Evolving Educational Experiences

January 1, 2003

Outlines the development of school residencies and offers four checklists for arts organization coordinators, artists, teachers, and school coordinators planning to develop residencies.

Program Models

Good Schools Require the Arts

January 1, 1998

Discusses the purpose and accomplishments of the Arts Education Partnership and its more than 100 national arts, education, business and philanthropic organizations. Provides guidance on how to join the Partnership.

Student Outcomes

Young Children and the Arts: Making Creative Connections -- A Report of the Task Force on Children's Learning and the Arts: Birth to Age Eight

January 1, 1998

Provides guiding principles and recommendations to organizations to support the development of arts-based early childhood programs and resources.

Program Models

True Needs, True Partners: Museums and Schools Transforming Education

January 1, 1996

Provides a how-to guide for successful museum-school partnerships.

Program Models

Eloquent Evidence: Arts at the Core of Learning

October 1, 1995

Provides a user-friendly brochure summarizing important and compelling rationales for integrating the arts in K-12 education. An effective advocacy tool for anyone who needs to prove that the arts are critical to education and learning.

Student Outcomes