In recent years many school districts have had to restructure their arts curriculums to meet the growing emphasis on standards that is central to most school reform. This unique collection is meant to assist educators, policymakers, grantmakers and other stakeholders by focusing on the potential benefits of arts education for students and communities alike, and providing examples of creative ways school districts are handling their constraints.

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Designing the Arts Learning Community: Model Professional Development Programs

February 3, 2009

Dawn Ellis and her team scoured the country for exemplary professional development programs in arts education to inform the content of the handbook and create a searchable database of 50 model programs. The handbook is both a guide and a reference resource for arts coordinators, principals, superintendents of instruction and anyone who designs professional development for K-12 arts education. It synthesizes documents, interviews, responses from outstanding practices in the field as well as literature regarding professional development and arts education. The programs profiled, which cover a wide range of partnership types, were selected because theyAddress the scale, scope, or perspectives of school districtsProvide evidence of evaluation, research, and/or reflective practiceProvide insights into approaches relevant to a variety of communities, students, and arts disciplines, orInvolve education reform that includes a strong arts component

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Community Schools of the Arts: An Arts Education Resource for your Community

October 1, 2003

Community schools of the arts have long provided high quality arts education to members of their communities--regardless of age, artistic aptitude, or ability to pay. This Monograph provides an overview of community schools of the arts and their potential benefits to your community, as well as ways local arts agencies and other community organizations can tap these vibrant resources.

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