Can the Arts Change the World? The Transformative Power of the Arts in Fostering and Sustaining Social Change

by Arnold Aprill; Sandra Hayes; Elise Holliday; Fahari Jeffers; Nobuko Miyamoto; Abby Scher; Diana Spatz; Richard Townsell; Lily Yeh; Lyle Yorks

Jan 1, 2006
A group of nonprofit leaders working in the arts, advocacy, political organizing, social services, and education explored the connection between community organizing and creative expression by engaging in collective activities, including visiting various examples of community arts, and experimentation with their own practice. Through this process, the group concluded that arts could be socially transformative; that community arts can create a safe space that allows people to trust and be open to changing; that art can help people reflect together and not talk past one another; and that the process of creating together can be healing and sustaining.
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